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Protect Royal Oak Today to Ensure our Community Thrives




We are a non-partisan group dedicated to protecting and preserving the integrity, character and beauty of our community and single family residential zoned neighborhoods within the city we love.



Our Royal Oak single family neighborhoods are in jeopardy. The City Commission is moving rapidly to rewrite the city’s current, highly successful Master Plan and zoning ordinance which could, if enacted, dramatically affect our neighborhoods, our quality of life and our home values.


Contrary to extensive public input given at many public meetings in 2023-2024, neighborhood responses to surveys and other written communications sent to the mayor and City and Planning Commissions, the consultants produced a document which agrees with the City Commission’s agenda of squeezing high density developments into or adjacent to single family neighborhoods in the form of duplexes, apartments and backyard housing. This can only be done by eliminating single family zoning and rejecting neighborhood input and sound planning concepts.


While the City and Planning Commissions have already approved multi-family housing in specific single family neighborhoods, a rewritten Master Plan could allow increased density to spread throughout all neighborhoods. 





Royal Oak Alert! Plan to Attend the "Charrette" Live Meetings the Week of May 15
Protect Single Family Zoning and Your Home Investment

As part of the city’s initiative to rewrite the Master Plan which could, if enacted, dramatically affect our neighborhoods and home values, the Planning Commission has extended the timeline to take the on-line survey in response to homeowners’ strong input demanding that single family neighborhoods be protected. At the recent Mar. 14, 2023, meeting, Planning Commissioners directed consultants to seek additional survey responses and participation at future live meetings from, specifically in their words, people under 30 including high school students and renters. However, input is needed from everyone. Soliciting input from this specific and narrow demographic could dilute the impact of the current survey responses and input from the

Feb. 25 Round Table meetings.

Predetermined outcomes may include:

  • Insertion of high-density, multi-family developments within single family neighborhoods, which could include duplexes and apartment complexes with as many as 24 units which would diminish the quality of life and the benefits of single family zoning.

  • Accessory rental dwelling units (including garage apartments) in the backyards of single family homes.

  • The narrowing of Woodward by eliminating one lane each way, creating a four-mile long traffic jam generating cut through traffic into residential side streets.

  • Mid-rise buildings on Woodward, and other major corridors, which will tower over adjacent single family homes and affect privacy and daylight.

  • The narrowing of 11 Mile and the insertion of multi-family housing.

Note: This planned urban density eliminates or reduces green space, cuts down mature trees, pushes parking to the side streets and misdirects your tax money to fund this plan.

Please plan to attend the "charrette" live meetings which are tentatively planned for the week of May 15. We will provide more details when they are released.


Thank you!



PROTECT Royal Oak is a grassroot initiative in support of transparency, sustainability and increasing single family home values with the Master Plan re-write process. If you would like to sponsor yard signs, donate or join please email us at:

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If you are interested in helping us promote our mission, please complete the form below and we will be in contact with you. 

Thanks for joining us!

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