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Protect Royal Oak Supports



Single Family neighborhood preservation:

  • Maintain the current single family ("One Family Residential") zoning protections in the zoning ordinance:

    • Don't adopt "Neighborhood Low/Medium Scale" zoning per the proposed "Master Plan Direction."

    • Preserve and enhance the character of existing residential neighborhoods. 

  • Ensure that new multi-family development is compatible with the surrounding neighborhood characteristics.

  • Require substantial setbacks between residential and multi-family/non-residential zones:

    • Maintain privacy and unobstructed sunlight.

    • Minimize disruptive artificial light, noise, odor, dust and intrusive activity.

  • Maintain buffers consisting of a landscape area to create a substantial and decorative transition between residential areas and multi-family/non-residential zones.

  • Encourage historic neighborhood designations and protections.


Housing cost and growth:

  • Work with developers to construct attainable multi-family housing in currently designated multi-family zones. 


Multi-generational community:  Foster quality of life for every demographic sector:

  • Eliminate additional tax increases.

  • Eliminate Headlee overrides in order to protect seniors.


Roads, Traffic and Woodward Avenue:

Transportation and Traffic:

  • Maintain capacity on major thoroughfares leading to a reduction in cut-through traffic in the neighborhoods.

  • Protect emergency vehicle access routes without additional road narrowings and road islands.

  • Enhance vehicular and pedestrian safety and reduce noise with additional police enforcement.

  • Preserve and establish street trees and related landscape on all roads.


Woodward Avenue:

  • Promote the greening of Woodward and other major commercial corridors while buffering and protecting the adjacent single family ("One Family Residential") neighborhoods.

  • Investigate opportunities for additional open space on or adjacent to the corridor.

  • Manage water run-off on sustainable street level green spaces.




  • Encourage commercial retail uses.

  • Consider appropriate high density, multi-family housing in the central business district. 

  • Fix downtown parking metering system.



  • Protect all public city parks from potential commercial re-development.

  • Develop a network of existing and future parks and recreation facilities.



  • Enhance safe and efficient transportation to school.



  • Preserve and enhance existing green space and green features in the city.

  • Embrace green strategies to protect the legacy of current and future generations.

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