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The many steps in the Master Plan process were designed to drive predetermined outcomes – aka Fake Public Input.


For example, consider the May 2023 “Charrettes:”

Were the Charrettes really a Charade?

As much as we all wanted to believe and hope the upcoming Master Plan revision would be an exercise in democracy based on the Charrettes, the red flags we identified concerning the Master Plan revision’s process and procedure unfortunately played out in their entirety.   


Remember the panelists for the "Charrettes" were quietly handpicked by the mayor, members of the city commission and planning commission. (Note: planning commission members are also appointed by the mayor). This raised the following questions:


  • Why wasn't there an extensive public information campaign for panelist selection?  

  • Why wasn't there an opportunity for members of the community to apply to be on the panel?  

  • How can a panel be truly unbiased and objective when it was carefully and quietly curated by a select few? 


It's impossible not to notice the names on the panelist list below who have already been personally involved with proposals and projects affecting our Royal Oak neighborhoods! Those proposals had extensive zoning and variance deviations yet were ultimately approved by the city. Why are such people who made monetary gain due to the city granting their rezoning and variance deviation requests given special considered and ultimately selected as their biased panelists? 


It was also impossible not to have noticed a few names on the final panelist list who have significant and unwavering political party affiliations to the same people who selected them! Why were party politicians and their supporters who are dedicated to specifically following their party’s agenda placed as biased panelists to determine the future of OUR neighborhoods? 


We also noticed quite clearly the absence of key voices from the final panelists: 

  • No local educator?   

  • No local appraiser who would have unbiased property valuation information?   

  • No local insurance professional who would have information on the effects of zoning on homeowner insurance rates?   

  • And where was YOUR voice on the panelist list? 


Are inclusivity, transparency and the concept of “arms-length” relationships no longer key elements in obtaining unbiased conclusions? Obviously not as the Charrettes were actually a Charade our elected officials pulled off through the use of a hired consultant to give them the answers they were looking for!


We all need to stay aware and involved in this endeavor. Ask the uncomfortable questions and demand answers. Let’s not be taken for a ride!  

Charettes panelists.rev.20240410.JPG
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